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WordPress Integration

Easy Website Form
WordPress Integration

If you manage a WordPress website and are looking for a reliable contact form solution, Easy Website Form is a powerful resource that eliminates the common hassles associated with other contact forms and lack of reliability. With 100% guaranteed delivery, our user-friendly platform ensures every submission is saved, stored, and easily accessible from a centralized dashboard. Here, you’ll find the step-by-step instructions to easily integrate Easy Website Form using the WordPress plugin or iFrame embed method.

Why Use Easy Website Form?

Whether you’re a blogger, small business owner, or a large corporation looking to manage leads at scale, Easy Website Form is the perfect solution for capturing leads without technical failures due to changes in email routing or security updates. With guaranteed form entry capture and a wide variety of form field customization options, Easy Website Form is the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes looking to enhance their digital strategy and increase conversions.

Key Benefits of Easy Website Form

  • 100% Guaranteed Delivery: Every form submission is securely captured and stored, ensuring no lead is lost due to technical email routing failures.

  • Universal Compatibility: Works flawlessly across all platforms and devices, enhancing user experience and accessibility.
  • Drag-and-Drop Simplicity: Select from various field options to build forms tailored to collect the important information you need from your visitors.

  • Enhanced Security: Enhance data protection with advanced security measures, including state-of-the-art encryption to safeguard sensitive information.

  • Centralized Dashboard: Allows for easy monitoring and management of form submissions from a single, centralized dashboard.

  • Data Management & Reporting: Export all your submissions into a CSV or PDF file to compile contact lists, analyze customer feedback, or create detailed reports.

  • Customization & Flexibility: Offers numerous customization and styling options to match your website and brand.

The Easy Website Form Plugin

The Easy Website Form plugin is available for download from the official WordPress Plugin Directory. This trusted source ensures you access a safe and reliable version of our plugin that’s regularly updated to meet WordPress standards and security requirements. Once downloaded, you can easily integrate it into your WordPress website to create and manage all of your forms in one place. Additionally, our dedicated support team is available to help you with any questions you might have during the installation or use of the plugin. You can contact us directly by filling out our online form or calling (208) 985-4008.

Integrating the Easy Website Form Plugin with WordPress

Using the Easy Website Form iFrame Embed Method

The iframe embed method offers a straightforward process for those who prefer not to install the plugin. Again, if you prefer step-by-step video instructions, check out our YouTube tutorial on how to use the Easy Website Form iFrame Embed Method here.


1. Copy the iFrame Code: In the Easy Website Form Builder, select your form, navigate to the publish section, and copy the provided iframe code.

2. Embed in WordPress:

  • Open the editor for the desired WordPress page or post.
  • Locate an HTML block where you want the form displayed (the appearance of this block may vary depending on the theme and page builder used).
  • Paste the iframe code into the HTML block.

Save your changes.

The form will immediately be visible on your website, providing an easy way for visitors to submit their information.

Best Practices for Form Integration

Follow the guidelines below to ensure optimal performance and maximize the effectiveness of your Easy Website Form integration.

  • Test Your Forms: After setup, conduct thorough tests to ensure your forms are capturing and submitting data correctly.

  • Maintain Security: Keep your API key confidential to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Regular Updates: Stay current with updates for your Easy Website Form plugin to take advantage of new features and security enhancements.

Get Started Now

Integrating Easy Website Form into your WordPress site enhances your ability to effectively manage customer interactions while streamlining communications and increasing conversion rates. By following this guide, you can ensure that your site not only captures every potential lead but also provides a secure and pleasant user experience. Explore our pricing plans to gain access to our full suite of features. Get a 7 day free trial, with plans starting at $10/mo..